Department Color Based on Series

Pilot – Gold || TOS – Gold || NG/DS9/Voyager – Red

The Operations Chief (O.C.) is in charge of officers under the Operations department.

  • Duties:
    • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.
    • Assigns operational duty schedules.

Communications Officer – Responsible for ship communications.

  • Maintain social media outlets developed for the chapter, as assigned by the X.O.
  • Ensure all crew are notified of upcoming meeting and events. Relay any pertinant information to the X.O.
  • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.

Research – Responsible for looking up information when requested by the members that are working on an approved project.

Quartermaster – Responsible for the ship stores and keeping the supply inventories current.

The Chief of Engineering (C.O.E.) is responsible for all aspects of engineering.

  • Duties:
    • Maintain, if present, web site for chapter.
    • Arrange necessary equipment for individual events, as needed.
    • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.
    • Assigns engineering duty schedules.
  • Requirements:
    • Varies based on need.
    • Completion of all IFT required tests.

Engineer – Varies based on need.

Adult Cadet Commander (A.C.C.) is in charge of all cadets in the chapter.

  • Duties:
    • Assist with unfinished school assignments that may be brought to meetings or events.
    • Schedule projects or reports for cadets participate in.
    • Provide regular supervision, with parent/guardian assistance, during meetings or events.
    • Coordinate with parents/guardians concerning potential cadet oriented Away Missions.
    • Submit periodic reports to the X.O.

Arbor – Works in the arboretum and maintains the plant life.

Barber, Teacher, Social Worker – Duties as assigned.

Research and Development (R&D) – Responsible for all high-tech/experimental creation(s) and working on any assigned or otherwise approved projects.

Operations/Services || Security || Medical || Sciences