Department Color Based on Series

Pilot – Light Blue || TOS – Blue || NG/DS9/Voyager – Teal

The Chief Medical Officer (C.M.O.) is responsible for the health and safety of the membership.

  • Duties:
    • The C.M.O. reports to the X.O., but is ethically bound by the Medical Code, that may override certain orders from the command staff and until it is deliberated over by the Chief of Starfleet Medical Services.
    • Temporarily pronounce any member relieved of duty if medically justified.
  • Duties:
    • Keep an account of each member’s health record.
    • Submit periodic departmental reports to the X.O.
    • Completion of all IFT required tests.

Counselor – Responsible for the members’ psychological health.

  • Duties:
    • Keep an account of each member’s psychological health record.
    • Submit periodic reports to the C.M.O.

M.D. – Medical Officer in charge while C.M.O. is off duty or away.

  • Duties:
    • Submit periodic reports to C.M.O.

Nurse – Assist with paperwork and medical procedures, but does not treat patients alone.

  • Duties:
    • Submits periodic reports to the assigned M.D. or the C.M.O.

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