International Dark Sky Week April 22-28, 2017

#Sciences Tomorrow marks the start of International Dark Sky week:

International Dark Sky Week draws attention to the problems associated with light pollution and promotes simple solutions available to mitigate it.

Whether you’ll be marching for science, attending a star party, checking out one of IDA’s International Dark Sky Places, or just want to help spread the word about light pollution during the 2017 International Dark Sky Week, you can do it in style all while supporting IDA!

Help spread awareness of the issues of light pollution during International Dark Sky Week, April 22-28, 2017.

“Red, White and Boom!” 2017 Los Angeles County Air Show


Sat, Mar 25, 2017, 9:00 AM –
Sun, Mar 26, 2017, 5:00 PM PDT

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William J Fox Airport
4555 West Avenue G
Lancaster, CA 93536
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Gate Ticket Prices

($5 discount on purchases prior to midnight on 3/24/17)
Adult: $25
Kids (6-11): $20
Military (ID required): $20
Kids 5 and under are free
Family Packs
ONLINE ONLY – includes 2 Adult and 2 Children General Admission tickets and 1 parking pass. PLEASE NOTE – This package is $60 with each ticket costing $15. The minimum purchase is 4 tickets. Family Packs can only be purchased until midnight on March 24, 2017. Military families will receive a $5 discount on this package online (must provide ID at the gate).
General Parking is $10 and Oversized Parking is $30. Parking Passes are available online and at the gate (cash only). There is no discount for early purchase.

Attention Federation Members

Now hear this, due to social media now read this…

I have been a Star Trek fan for many years, as I think back now working on almost 40 years and still to this day I continue to be amazed at the words of the writers, the philosophy of the Trek Reality and the very lives a show like this has touched and influenced.

On this day a couple of days after this nations presidential election our society always seems to forget one detail in our lives. We as a human race continue to live, we as a human race continue to believe and we as a human race continue to improve. No matter the situation that is placed in front of us. We has a human race strive to be better than we were yesterday, last month or even last year.

As I sit watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I am moved more prolifically to the 5th season “The Inner Light” episode, where Captain Picard is connected to a probe and lives a lifetime of a civilization that died off thousands of years before. And yet our civilization continues to cause destruction not of only ourselves, but the very things men and women may have taken their life times to build, to research and more.

We have members in our organization that is trying to improve our lives by doing research on curing cancer, with the fact that scientist today know that there are so many different variations of this known problem. We have members in our organization that strive to run to help others whom are injured in some way. We have members that try to help others whom might suffer some psychological problem. We have members that try to help keep our other members as well as members of the human race safe from others as well. I can keep going with the list of those who try what they can to continue to have our race get better.

We as a nation made efforts to elect the person that we as a nation felt would be a better person on a position of political power. Lest we all remember that no one man has absolute power. All of us have a voice and we are in a nation that allows us to voice how we feel. Some nations don’t.

On a political stand point we don’t have to respect the person whom might site in a chair that has no corners in a building that was painted white. However the respect of the position is what we all should see. Our nation has had it’s turmoil and we are not unique to these problems.

Whether we are together for political reasons, nor religious reasons, nor personal reasons. We are together for one reason, to love and help each other regardless of skin color, regardless of religion or political beliefs. we are together as the human race.

So I ask all of the International Federation of Trekker, ‘The Federation’ members to believe in yourselves and believe in each other. What is done is now done. We now need to live today, in hopes that tomorrow comes as well. People will say hateful things, as in some beliefs we are all good yesterday, better today and will be great tomorrow. We have to live in the now, not yesterday but learn from our mistakes from yesterday to improve on ourselves tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,
Admiral Allen Hohensee
Admiral of Operations
International Federation of Trekkers, Inc.
‘The Federation’

Attendance Pts

Effective January 1, 2017 – my chapter only (presently) tiny attendance contest (reward: certificate of full attendance for year) To earn said award, you must accumulate all attendance points (2 per/general meeting 1/per event)

The full tally of points will be known by December 2017
Minimum anticipated 24 (2X12) – total accrued points will be lowered if a general meeting is cancelled.

This year’s expected finally tally sits at 29 possible accrued points (but as I’m just announcing this, no one will get a cert this year – but next year… Points accrued will be reset for 2017 so everyone will be on an equal stand.


First Potentially Annual/Bi-Annual Cross GeoV Bowling Challenge

A good-natured challenge has been floated by Admiral Hohensee aboard the USS Nathan Hale (with support of Flt Capt Wilson aboard the USS Firelace, and Commander Cook aboard the USS Rochambeau). Potential to have some fun in at your local Bowling Center (this will allow all chapters to participate without having to try and get all chapters in one place) and compare your chapter score with others.

We’re looking at making this an Annual or perhaps a Bi-Annual challenge depending on reception



3 games – ONLY Assigned on board crew (rank irrelevant) please; (try to limit teams to 6)
Avg score of all three games – printout or photo (sent to Admiral Hohensee) to prove the claim (please make sure to show or include names of those participating just for the record)

Rewards: Bragging rights (for at least the next year, if we organize this again next year), possibly a small plastic trophy engraved with year (it’s a FRIENDLY competition, lets have some fun with this!!)

Final Details: Send in your chapters AVG Score proof by January 31 (we realize the holidays are upon us, so lets allow a large window for individual chapters to organize this in their own chapter)BCC’d: Ulysses Command, Rochambeau Command, Nonámé Command, Silverthorne Command, Nathan Hale Command (Who will spread the word)

  • A.AH – Modification: Cadets are allowed to be members of the bowling team.
  • FltCapt.W. – Skilled bowlers not required (this is meant to be fun, we don’t care if you bowl an irregular 50 or 300, come laugh and socialize)
The Federation Bowling Challenge Best Avg 2016
The Federation Bowling Challenge Best Avg 2016

FandomVerse Expo 2016 GeoV Participation Event

If you hover over the pictures, some will explain themselves, in text

Orders from Fleet Admiral Haslage

  1. You are therefore posted, effective immediately, to command the follow:
    1. The U.S.S. Firelace
      1. Class: Interceptor (Vengeance) Refit
      2. Starship Type: Cruiser / Explorer / Patrol Combatant
      3. Registry: NX-03355-27
      4. Decks: 9
      5. Total Crew Compliment: 120
      6. More information available on Ship Specs
  2. Nature and duration of command:
    Milky Way Galaxy exploration and Sciences investigation: Undetermined duration
  3. You will conduct this patrol to accomplish primarily:
    1. Earth security, via exploration of intelligence and social systems capable of a galaxial threat, and
    2. Scientific investigation to add to the earth’s body of knowledge of life forms and social systems, and
    3. Any required assistance to the several earth colonies on this planet, and the enforcement of appropriate statutes affecting such Federated commerce vessels and trades as you might contact in the course of your mission.
  4. Consistent with the equipment and limitations of your cruiser class vessel, you will confine your landings and contacts to Earth.


Jurassic Quest

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